Using audio to bring your game to life can be a daunting and complicated process. Here are the key features you need to consider when adding audio to your game.


It is important that games have their own audio signature. To ensure that your game stands out from the rest, I can help you decide on an audio style that compliments your game perfectly.


Whether you’re producing the next big military shooter or a simple mobile app, I can create sound effects for each and every aspect of your game. From weapons and vehicles, to characters, ambiances, creatures and user experience effects.


Creating audio samples is only half of the job. Using audio tools like Wwise, Fmod or built-in audio engines, I will ensure that the sound trigger appropriately within the game world. Implementation techniques allow us to create very dynamic, cinematic and realistic audio.


Creating original audio is important. This is why I record as many sounds as I can from scratch. With access to one of the best equipped recording studios in the North East of England, and my personal arsenal of professional recording equipment, I can record audio at the highest possible quality.


A key part of the implementation process is mixing. Here we adjust the volume of sounds so that everything sits into the world seamlessly. You must also be sure to attenuate the sounds so that they enter the player’s audio field correctly. For instance, you can only hear an insect up close, but you would hear an explosion from miles away.


Trailers, promotional content and idents all need sound effects too. My skills aren’t limited to sound design for games, I have lots of experience working to video.



  • Lead Sound Design
  • Lead Sound Design
  • Lead Sound Design
  • Lead Sound Design
  • Sound Design
  • Lead Sound Design
  • Lead Sound Design
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Design
  • Lead Sound Design
  • Sound Design
  • Sound Design


Professional Sound Designer based in the UK.

After graduating from University of Hull with a BA Hons in Creative Music Technology, I have been creating a name for myself in the independent game development scene. I have been the Audio Director for games such as War of Rights and No More Room in Hell, as well as being the Sound Designer on a selection of games such as Days of War, Skywind and many more.

Experience working with industry professionals. 

I have been fortunate enough in my career to be given the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals from companies such as Ubisoft, Bethesda and Crytek. I focus on utilising my knowledge in both sound creation and audio implementation to provide a clean, cinematic and/or realistic audio experience. My specialties are in the Action and Fantasy genres, however given the opportunity I would be be more than qualified to create audio for any genre.


  • Sound Devices Mix Pre-D
  • Rode NT1-A
  • Rode NTG2
  • Rode NT4
  • Zoom H4n
  • Sure SM57
  • Yamaha HS 8 (Pair)
  • Beyerdynamic DT 150’s
  • Rode Blimp 2.0


I offer free consultations to developers who are interested in finding out what a dedicated audio designer can bring to their project.



Get in touch for a quote or if you have any questions!