Weapon Reel

Modern Warfare 2019 – Weapons Sound Re-design Reel

Promod Showcase

Audio from our latest release at Bulkhead Interactive


Professional Counter-Strike player GeT_RiGhT comments on the audio for PROMOD

About Promod

PROMOD is a passion project developed by Bulkhead Interactive which captures the essence and nostalgia of the classic modification for Call of Duty 4, ‘Promod’.

PROMOD was developed with the goal of becoming a successful Esport. Having grown up playing many years of Esports myself, I knew how critical the audio would be for providing player feedback and satisfaction.

I led a small team of Sound Designers & Programmers and handled all of the audio direction. I exercised my knowledge in audio design, implementation with Wwise/UE4 and mixing to ensure that our players can easily locate the position of enemies through footsteps and gunshots. Because player feedback and information is crucial, we used a variety of subtle sound cues to ensure the player is always aware of the current round/game states.

I am particularly pleased with the firearm foley and the hitmaker/kill confirmed audio. Had we been granted more time, we would have explored adding more apparent reverbs and IRs to help the foley sit in the world more convincingly.




Brimstone Redesign

Smoke grenade ability Sound Redesign for Brimstone from Valorant. (Footage owned by Riot Games).

BF1 Inspired Orchestral

A short musical piece I wrote, which was greatly inspired by Dice’s Battlefield 1.

Gunshot Sounds for Games

This video demonstrates my process for designing and integrating fully-automatic weapon audio in Wwise.

Gunshot Tails

Demonstration of gunshot sound design in open, indoors and urban environments. (Footage owned by New World Interactive).


  • Sound Devices Mix Pre-D
  • Rode NT1-A
  • Rode NTG2
  • Rode NT4
  • Zoom H4n
  • Sure SM57
  • Yamaha HS 8 (Pair)
  • Beyerdynamic DT 150’s
  • Rode Blimp 2.0


Professional Sound Designer based in the UK.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to check out my reel and various other videos from my YouTube that I’ve highlighted on this page.

After graduating from University of Hull with a BA Hons in Creative Music Technology in 2012, I built up a chunky portfolio working on various independently developed first-person shooters such as Islands of Nyne and Battalion 1944. I am employed full-time for Bulkhead Interactive based in Derbyshire, working on some fantastic projects that I can’t wait to share with you!



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